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Mindshare PR's services include strategic communications planning, company and product launches, educating influencers and training spokespeople. Our programs help companies achieve their business goals through improved messaging and targeted communications.
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Choosing the right PR agency can mean the difference in becoming an leading player in your category or just being another company among the masses. Mindshare PR is one of those rare firms that use all outlets – press, social media, user communities – to drive maximum exposure and opportunity for their clients. Their knowledge of the market, strategic impact to our business and ability to generate meaningful coverage have made them an integral part of our team.

- Peder Ulander CMO,

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Messaging and Positioning

Build. Test. Amplify. At Mindshare PR we’ve seen that a little work up front goes a long way toward increasing the reach and impact of B2B messaging, and know that market positioning is everything. We work closely with our clients and with the press and analysts that cover their markets to ensure that messages are clear, targeted, unique and impactful.

Media and Analyst Relations

The success or failure of public relations programs begins and ends with media and analyst relations. We help clients make the most of their messages by leveraging long relationships with the writers, editors, bloggers and analysts that matter most to their target audiences. These relationships, combined with peerless execution of well-developed strategic programs, ensure compelling coverage and results.


Strong writing, applied to news releases, blog posts, contributed articles and more, is the foundation of all effective communications. Mindshare develops well-structured, crisp, clear and compelling messages that drive action, in addition to recognition, from influencers and other target audiences.

Speaker's Bureau

Public speaking is a highly-visible and impactful way to drive your message home to peers, influencers and decision makers. Mindshare PR works closely with clients to ensure that they are getting the exposure they need at industry events and that they make the most of their time and travel budgets when choosing when and where to appear.

Customer Success Programs

No one is more credible and impactful when promoting a company's value proposition than the people who pay to use its products and services. Mindshare executives have spent decades working closely with users at all levels in organizations of all types and sizes to highlight the real benefits of technology adoption.
Tapping into the "power of the people" takes skill, experience, and connections. The Mindshare PR team has long experience in social media, having developed some of the leading social media programs in technology from bare bones, and having energized or revived many more. When it comes to social media, don't leave success to chance.